Krull Visagoth

Tough, Charismatic, In Charge, Businessman


Location-Currently Between Horsh & Baylenor
Organization-Roaming Cra Village Leader
Relation-Information Seller
Attitude-Honest, Business Man, Good Leader

Krull has lived a tough life. Not a particularly difficult one, but one filled with hard labor, many dangerous and a few deadly battles. He rose to the top of the mercenary group that makes up the Cra in The Villages of Strife. He did so through hard work and success at what he did. He is a friendly man, slightly jokey and loose with his tongue. He is a strict leader, requiring the other members to both do as he says and do it without fuss, though he is a minimalist with micromanagement, and tends to let anything go that does not interfere with the needs of the village. Interesting to note is that he is single, and despite what outsiders might think or jokes to the contrary, is a celibate man.


The party met Krull in the Cra village. He was friendly but very forward with the group, wanting to know what they were doing there and sharing a bit of information with them on the attacks that have been happening lately around where their village usually is. It eventualy came to a point where Krull wanted something to compensate for giving information, since giving out information was likely to stop the attacks witch were profiting his mercenary company quite a bit. The party agreed to help him by the groups 2 medics, Saber & Den Utne Spending the rest of the hours in the day going around providing top notch medical attention to the merc company, witch has been on hard times lately.

Krull paid well on his bargin, revealing all the information he knew, as well as introducing the party to 2 fellow villagers who had a first hand experience with one of the attacks, Kregior & Johta.

Krull Visagoth

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