Kregior & Johta

Regretful Sulking Mercenaries


Name-Kregior & Johta
Location-Currently Between Horsh & Baylenor
Organization-Members of Cra Village
Relation-Survivors of Villager Assault, Information Givers
Attitude-Quiet, Open, Depressed

Kregior & Johta met each other when they joined the mercenary force that makes up Cra. They both joined at the same time and were young then, just a tad shy of 20. They were both filled with a lust for adventure, Kregiors expressing itself in a will to travel and develop companions, Johta with a more basic thrill to experience a life filled with dangerous days and passionate nights. The two fell in love quite quickly and have been together for nearly 7 years now. As the years have passed Kregior has grown more and more browbeaten by Johta, but they still hold deep respect for each other, and despite the mans occasional fit of jealousy, or Johtas disfigured broken nose, they are a happy couple.


The party met Kregior & Johta at the Cra mercenary camp in The Villages of Strife. They were introduced to the 2 people by their village leader, Krull Visagoth in order to ask them questions about one of the attacks that they saw.

Kregior & Johta were both on a traveling caravan when the villagers who kidnap children attacked. They beat both of them unconscious, but not before Johta stabbed one and had her nose broken. They told the party about the attack, how the attackers seemed out of it, upset, terrified even. How they were oddly tough though not supernaturally so, how they moved as a living wave of people…more effective then just a random swarm, but not quite with the control of a military group. Kregior & Johta told them everything they could, the exchange visibly upsetting Kregior as he went over it. Eventually they finished and quietly wished the party luck.

Kregior & Johta

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