Senile Friendly Old Gate Guard


Organization-Horsh Civilian
Relation-Gate Guard & Directions Giver
Attitude-Kind, Curious, Funny & Helpful

Dravaval is a old old man. A member of Horsh, he is well known as the gate guard, and also is rumored to be the oldest member of the village, though he tends to be evasive of talking about the past beyond 150 years. Dravavals health is likely because of the magical spring in the village, though a natural toughness must also be part of it, especially since the man seems able to fight as well as a strapping young soldier, and his tolerance for heat and moisture is as unnaturally high as most of the rest of the villagers. Dravaval is a kind man, curious, a bit senile, but also very crafty & knowledgeable. He loves his towns people, and shares the hate of spirits that most people in Horsh have.


Dravaval met the players infront of Horsh, being the lone gate guard. The elderly man was leaning up against his pike witch itself was leaning up against the wall, and he seemed to be sleeping, while wraped in rather stuffy looking leather armor. He adressed some of the partys questions about his attire and health, citing the magical fountain of the town as his source of strength. He also directed them to River Rock, a inn in the town that has a large unisex open air bath house in it, the locals he warned are quite often naked in it. The man also inquierd as to if they were sorcerers, due to their intrest in the magical spring, citing that quite often those sorts of people come to investigate it.


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