XP Use

For the most part I deal away with training times, but I have a lot of limitations on when you can raise something. All things can only be done BETWEEN sessions, not during them, but they don’t require down time unless specificly stated.

General Guidelines

  • Between sessions
  • By book, non eratta, cost
  • No training time or downtime required unless noted otherwise by me
  • You must have actually used an ability or attribute during the previous 1-3 sessions in order to be able to raise it
  • Once you raise something it will require several sessions to pass before you can raise it again

Special Rules

  • Essence-requires a major signifiant event in your life/story. If you intend to raise your essence you need to tell me around 3 sessions before you actually plan to raise it. Will not be allowed to raise until 10 sessions in
  • First Ability Dot-The first dot in an ability requires training if it is a skill that requires indepth knowledge, such as medicine, the occult, martial arts
  • Fifth Ability or Attribute Dot-requires a signifigant event in order to raise. If you wish to raise something to 5 please tell me 2 or 3 sessions before. Will not be allowed to raise something to Fifth dot until 10 sessions in
  • Virtues-requires a significant event in order to raise. If you wish to raise a virtue please tell me a session or 2 before. You must wait several sessions between raising virtues again, even if it is a diffrent virtue.

I expect you to drop quite a bit of xp on Charms, the book suggest that roughly 40% of xp at least should be spent on charms. You will not be allowed to ignore charms and just increase your stats. The point of playing an exalt is the CHARMS. Also remember your Paragon Aspect & the rules of it

Trait Increase / Cost
Attribute / Rating X 4
Favored or Caste Ability / (Rating X 2)-1
Out of Caste Ability / Rating X 2
Essence / Rating X 8
Virtue / Rating X 3
Willpower / X 2
Ability First Dot / 3
Specialty / 3
Favored or Caste Charm / 8
Out of Caste Charm / 10
Non Solar Charm / 16 (Eclipse Only)
Spell if Occult Favored / 8
Spell if Occult Not Favored / 10

All amounts are based on the CURRENT rating of the trait

XP Use

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