Play Style and Requirements

Endless Seas Of Opportunity


  • Sandbox
  • Heavily based on exploration
  • The solars suffer from the Great Curse more then any other exalted
  • Please do not settle down in a single place or gather a singular force of power
  • Healing is difficult and time consuming
  • Sorcery is fairly rare
  • Spirits & Elementals are everywhere and are very active
  • People are scared of Solars…
  • They are hunted…
  • And others wish to use them as pawns…
  • Or slaves
  • Solars do not inherintly get along or work together
  • The other Exalted are out there, but mysterious and hidden…
  • Except for the terrestrials (dragonblooded) who are everywhere
  • Little to nothing is known of the real past of the world…
  • But the information is out there
  • There are far more dangers out there then the Realm (Fae, Deathlords)
  • Magitech is rare and highly sought after
  • Opportunites come to the bold…
  • But so does trouble
  • There are other worlds out there (Underworld, Malfeas, Yushan)
  • Penalties for failure but rewards for risk
  • I will not kill your character…
  • but i can make you wish he had died instead
  • Have fun :)


Maptools 1.3.b87
Hamachi, Unmanaged

Play Style and Requirements

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