Corland, City of The Golden Way

City of Warriors, City of Tradition, City of Iron Law

City Size-Large, 750+ buildings
City Age-Centuries, Built Over/On/In Ruins
City Influence-Large, Entire Villages of Strife
Mortal Population Percentage-99.9%, Known Exalted
Military Strength-Large, Moderate Military, Large Guard Force, Powerful Civilian Milita
Local Danger Activity-High, Active Ruins Nearby, Constant Bandit & Scavenger Issues, Open Cave to Underground, Corrupt Sightings, Monster Sightings

Corland is one of the largest villages in the Villages of Strife. A city really, yet it does not have the normal connections with outside places that such a large group of people would usually have. It is still mostly a village in many of the ways the people and it’s government go about their lives…just a very large one. A self contained community that while they accept outsiders do not welcome them, and are known by most of the others in the Villages of Strife as bordering on xenophobic and isolationist.

Corland is known for it’s military and it’s extremely tough, totalitarian to some extent, government that heavily enforces tradition and required service to the people, including military training for all of the population. It is a city that prides itself on it’s history & speaks of it’s great heritage as “the last remnants of the true kingdom”. These claims are not recognized by the majority of others in the Villages of Strife, but ones close to Corland tend to not refute their claim. Within the town it is a much praised and glorified aspect of their daily lives, but in private it is held up less so and has become more of a heartless traditional belief. Tied in with these beliefs is their practice of the “old ways”, witch to outsiders amounts to the population to a man being violent and competent combatants, every person learning in adolescence how to wield a sword or a bow.

Bandits, mutants, monsters, scavengers, spy’s, Corland deals harshly with all foreigners it finds near it’s city. Rumors of the town being rather proactive with their enforcement of wiping out anyone they find within miles of their home are constant…and have made few people willing to travel to the city.

It is well known that Corland lies only a few miles from some very active regions of The Ruins, ones witch have often seen influxes of The Corrupt, as well as bandits and scavengers. Within the past year a great monster was slain right outside of the towns 2 foot tall stone walls, and even now a pond of black slime still scars the site of the creatures death.

Corland, City of The Golden Way

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