Character Creation and House Rules


Character Creation

  • Book 2nd edition Exalted, Page 84, This one I have a pdf if you need it
  • Expansion/Accessory books, can be used only on a case by case bases (per item/choice not per book)
  • You may only be solars
  • Combos, you get 1 free per point of essence you have. This applys when you raise your essence later as well. You don’t have to choose them instantly and they can be “banked”. Each combo is limited as normal, except for the 1 you get for essence 1, witch is limited as if you had a essence 2.
  • You may have up to a number of specialties in a skill equal to the skills rating, though they cost xp/bp to buy. You may NOT have the same specialty more then once, but you can have ones that stack, such as for Melee having the specialty of swords and defense would give you +2 when defending with a sword.
  • Backgrounds, some of the backgrounds will be limited in how many points you can have, Allies, Followers & Manse mostly
  • Limit Flaws, you can use the few listed in the book or look online for others, i am also open to allowing new ones
  • Caste, i only want one person of a specific caste. People should remember casts are NOT classes, they represent the role that essence usually takes in reference to their approach to life.
  • No powered suits, even the small ones
  • There is no such thing as subtle or small scale sorcery, don’t even ask
  • Design your character so that you have progress you can make. Do not make the mistake of designing your character already at his peak/goal
  • No sexual based backgrounds or virtue flaws, charms are ok
  • No character may be under 18
  • Do not design your character to be inherently antagonistic towards the group as a whole
  • All Solars are people with great dreams, great skills and in some aspect leaders of society. How they lead is different from person to person. Some lead on the battlefield, some lead by preaching, some lead by showing people the way and uplifting them, but ALL SOLARS are grand leaders of men, they all have a drive that surpasses that of mortals and the desire to shape the world in some way.
  • After further consideration i have decided that you may not start with any weapon or armor artifacts.
  • You may start with a manse of up to rating 2, or rating 3 at most if it s a core concept of your character. Note that since you can not start with any artifacts you are functionally unable to benifit from hearthstones at character creation.
  • No dicepool may start off greater then 10. This limit INCLUDES bonuses from specalities and accuracy from weapons. For defense this limit is post armor soak. For DVs this limit is actually 5, as DV pools are generated from 50% of a total dice pool (so a dice pool limit of 10 for a DV would mean a DV max of 5).
  • Just a final reminder that the stronger you make your characters the stronger things you will face. If you have tons of armor then you will fight a lot of things that ignore armor. If you do crazy damage you will fight a lot of stuff that is super tough. For the most part when it comes to combat for your character all you should worry about is getting the feeling right for him, not getting a efficent high Damage Per Round.

Charm Suggestions

As this is a game witch i have stated i am hoping to be more exploring based, not just in towns, that also means it is far more likely there will be situations where you simply will not be able to get out of combat, for those reasons these are charm suggestion guidelines. These are not requirements, but if you do not do them expect to have problems.

  • Around 2 or 3 offensive charms, these can be as simple as a melee excellency to Thunderbolt Attack Prana.
  • At least 2 defensive charms, while a stamina or melee excellency would technically be a defensive charm i am suggesting more efficient ones, such as ones that allow multiple dodge attempts, lower DV penalties or the always useful Ox Body Technique
  • You will probably be dealing with spirits fairly often, but there will be lots of humanoids in your travels still, social charms will still be very useful, as will anti spirit charms
  • Exploring means you are going to be going to new and dangerous places, with extreme environments and unusual locations, endurance and athletic charms will be useful

House Rules

  • Stunts, 1 mote regained per die, 1 wp regained only if it’s a 3 die stunt but also get the motes
  • Perfect Defense, all require 1 wp to use, if they already require a WP it will be specifically considered
  • Social Combat, will usually be done as a mix of role playing and rolling, even if you use charms or simply wish to roll i will still require some degree of role playing.
  • Social Cohersion, generaly assume that unless you are using charms that grant you unnatural mental influence that people will burn a WP to resist any roll you make to convince them to do something they normaly wouldn’t do
  • Combat, will sometimes be done cinematicly with little to no rolls, this will be only an occasional thing
  • Partial Control of a Limit Break only reduces your limit down to 5. Each consecutive Partial Control reduces limit 1 point less, 5/6/7/8/9. This means that Partial Controlling will eventually not be possible.

Character Creation and House Rules

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