Exalted, You Just Want Me Because Of My Essence...

Seventh Session

using descriptive battle, meaning very few roles and not following the combat rules, they fought off the giant tyrant lizard, it’s babies, a sneak attack from more babies…and the battle ended climaticly when the dinosaur headbutt a giant stone colom…

They talked a bit about letting it live but decided against it, with Saber getting the killing blow (and the rare item bonus!).

Tyrant skin boots, pocketbooks and briefcases for everyone!

But seriously, now they are considering what to do with the skin/corpse, since they don’t really have a way to carry all the skins, and properly skinning and preparing it will take a long time.

New XP Rules

Some new xp rules I am going to implement, especially since I have already started punishing people with small xp penalties and our new player joining begins with less then everyone else.

  • Not showing up for a session nets you full xp-1 for that session
  • People who show up for a session that is then canceled because of too many no shows get 1xp
  • Failure to do a requested task “before next week” results in a 2xp penalty
  • Providing extra work for your characters, backgrounds, story ideas, handouts will net you a 1xp reward as I see fit

I really don’t think I will apply many more xp modifiers then these, and In general I do not plan on the players getting far apart from one another, as these are all minor things and will only add up to major differences in the case of constant problems from someone. If you find yourself 10xp or more different from another player then you should consider if you are really committing to the game.

Sixth Session

Have tried to do this 3 times, getting half way through it and it bugging out and me losing everything, so here is a super summery.

Left Horsh going to Hominy.
Took 2 days, arrived at Hominy early afternoon.
Talked to a caravan on the way there right outside of the town, they had no reliable information.
Caravan said Hominy was suspcious of & not friendly to strangers.
When entering Hominy find it not friendly to strangers.
Party splits up and wanders around a bit.
Town seems very poor, very backwater, very unfriendly to strangers.
Townspeople seem to be hiding something, but it seems non dangerous/important.
Can find no signs of anything suspcious in town.
People are unhelpful and just want the party to leave.
No reason found to stay, they leave for Fortuita
On the way to Fortuita when at the crossroads they take a break
Kartos angers up a pack of baby tyrant lizards
The momma tyrant lizard begins chasing him as he runs back to camp…
saber and ghost make their way towards him…

If I can get the heart to I will eventually try to do this like the previous updates…losing it 3 times is pissing me off though.

Fifth Session

Our fifth session started off with a wait on some of the other players as usual. We waited 30 minutes and then started, after a brief summery of last session.

The group continued their conversation with Mother Bradiche and Lord Traount, asking questions about what they know. They were especially curious about Mother Bradiches ability to sense the groups presence, in particular because she claimed that she could tell they were not within 5 miles of Horsh. She didn’t seem like she was going to go into more depth about it, so the party used it for the useful information it was.
The conversation then quickly changed to where they would be going. The group collectively agreed that Hominy to the west seemed like a good idea, especially since it would leave the last 2 known locations for villages in a direct line to the north.
There was some further conversation on what the kidnappers could possibly be doing, but no new information was gained, despite the people of Horsh being very open with all the information they knew, including the descriptions of the 2 young men and a young woman who lived in Horsh and were taken.
There was a little conversation about people keeping secrets and rights to their own privacy, but the conversation stayed away from anything accusatory on both sides and was polite overall.
It was then that Trogdorina mentioned a shortcut they might be able to take. A dangerous path in the woods, but a nearly direct line from Horsh to Hominy. The problem with it being that it is and old ancient roadway ruled by a now crazed Elemental, it and it’s fellow spirits and elementals being extremely hostile and dangerous. Due to the nature of the land around the creature time flowed funny, and they would be able to get to their destination in less then a day, instead of nearly 2. There was even a suggestion that they might “arrive before they left”. The group seemed pretty split on this idea, with Kartos bench sitting, saber being against it, but Ghost & Den being for it. However after a long in depth conversation the group decided despite the experience they could gain dealing with spirits, the risk simply wasn’t worth cutting off a day or 2 of what had been a so far casually paced journey.
Finally there was a short aggressive conversation between Saber & Trogdorina, that equated to one calling the other a coward, and that one rebutting by insulting the intelligence and experience of the other.

Here they made a quick exit of the Mothers Den, getting some supply’s for their trip, passing by the River Rock & its owner Innkeeper Danibus and his quirky attitude and conversations. Den got some more of the special hot spiced liquor to bring on the trip.
They decided to rest the night and start off towards Hominy the next morning. During the evening each of the players went about doing their own thing. Saber & Ghost sparred a bit in the inn, Ghost accidentally punching Saber in the face strong enough to draw blood, and her responding with a solid groin kick.
Den Utne Hung around outside Mothers Den watching and talking with random villagers. The people were friendly to him but he noticed more and more the oddities in the village. The people were all friendly but the descendants of the original villagers, those people who could trace their lineage back hundreds of years to the natives, all seemed very distinct with oddly tinged skin, largely proportioned bodies, and weird colored and shaped eyes.
Kartos spent several hours walking around town looking in various shops and chatting with people. He noticed that the locals seem to live off of the plants they grow in town, and that they make a lot of profit selling little statues and trinkets to visitors of the village. Through his observant investigations he also noticed that the locals are avid worshipers of Elementals. Mirroring their worship is their intense and out of place hatred of spirits. These things were both far more common in shops ran by the Descendants in the village, where as the people who were only a few generations in Horsh were all in all “normal” people. Kartos came to the conclusion that the original natives must have some elemental blood in their lineage.
We then went back to them sleeping for the night, after a brief bit of flirting form Saber to Kartos and Den.
Their night was filled with the same dream for all. In the dream they saw giant reptiles, dinosaurs, running around in the jungle, chasing and waring with unseen things. The dinosaurs were breathing the elements, fire, lightning, ice, and they were also using first age magitech, implosion bows, energy whips and some were even encased in partial power armor.
They woke up, had a nice breakfast in the commons area of the inn, had a conversation with Danibus in witch he said he would miss them and also commented on the boring normal stuff he’s heard about Hominy.
Den Utne was particularly friendly with Danibus and promised to bring him back stories of glory and adventure…the innkeeper being silly and twisting words turned this into a promise from Den to bring him back the ear of a great adventurer, to witch Saber promised the man she would bring back Dens for him! And with this they set off onto the road to Hominy.

On the road the group shared some of their past with one another. Den talking more about his lost love Teela, Saber talking about a interesting mechanical toy soldier she found in a run, Kartos spends no time talking about his past or himself just singing songs like a bard of various lands (ghost wasn’t in the session).
Den asked about favorite colors, Saber saying Scarlet Red, Kartos saying the pitch black of night, Dens was purple. They then had a short conversation about the meaning of various colors.
Next topic was if Saber liked women, to witch she seemed to suggest she was without actually saying she was (And I had a bit of a fit saying there is no way she can be a cliche lesbian played by a guy). Den continued to push the subject to a degree that bordered on NWS in his descriptions.
Kartos changed the subject bringing up in question “what we are”, meaning solars. Den said he was gifted with abilities and skills beyond the average, an artist of infinite delicate skill and a keen mind, he also said that Kartos was a martial expert without peer and Saber was a hotty. Kartos found this quite funny in his normal quiet way. Kartos explained very pragmatically that while his skill with the bow was good and his eyesight sharp he defiantly was not above his peers in skill.
Here Den, using a charm enhancing magical sight, noticed the forest to the south of their travel…the forest where the Rotten Path lay. It seemed to radiate a small amount of magic, and he could tell it would be stronger inside…nothing else came of it
The discussion turned to the people of the town, and they all shared what they thought of the villagers coming to the conclusion that there was defiantly more to research and find out in the town…They discussed the possible reasons for it. Sighting maybe old mingling with elementals, or the magical waters.

Here is where we stopped. It was a good fun session with a lot of joking, character development and inter-party interaction.

PS. Sorry for the late post of this.

Forth Session

Our forth session started a bit shaky, one of the players was going to be late and another at the last minute said he would also have to be late, but be started anyways.

We started off the session continuing from last one, with them going to the baths at in the River Rock inn in Horsh. We did the scene as a quick series of questions regarding what they asked the 2 locals they met in there, doing no in depth rp.
They learned about how the town is lead, a woman called Mother Bradiche, a 300 year old woman who has lead since she was a child, though nowadays her adviser Lord Traount tends to be the real face of command.
They also found out small things about the village in general, that it tends to ignore most things outside the village, they are friendly to travelers, and view the issue with children being kidnapped on the roads as something that will pass eventually.
Another thing that poped up over the conversation was the existence of 2 different “breeds” of people in Horsh, those descended from the original inhabitants and those who are not. Both benefit from the magical spring, living longer and being more healthy, but those who are descendants of the original people of the village can live hundreds of years supposedly.
The conversation then turned to Trogdorina, as they asked what the 2 people knew about her. All they really mentioned was that the whole village views her as their daughter and dotes on her, treating her as something of a prodigy or princess. This was the last bit of conversation they had before they moved on to the inn commons area.

Inside they talked to Innkeeper Danibus once again, asking him how/where they could find Trogdorina, he suggested Mothers Den, the political seat of the village, so they headed off in that direction.
On their walk to the den they travel through the city, still amazed at how well kept it is, as well as how old some of the architecture is. Many people are all over their yards, lounging in the sun, basking in warm pools of water and the like. Many have oddly tinged skin, but they look distinctively human besides that and their occasional larger then average physique.

Mothers Den was a large dome created out a solid piece of rock, roughly 3 stories high in the center and spreads out covering over 50 yeards in all directions. On the outside “shell” there were lots of intricate carvings and pictographs that were all nondescript but much fresher then the rest of the “ruins”, being at most a few hundred years old. The Den had no windows and only a single entrance, a large 10 foot tall 10 foot wide door, with 2 7 foot tall men standing outside as guards, wearing nothing but a loincloth and each armed with a halberd even longer then they were tall. The guards demeanor was sullen and dark, seemingly sleepy in their attitude, but their eyes shifted back and forth quickly as they watched the group approach.

Den Utne introduced the group and stated that they were looking for information. The guards simply stared at them for several minutes in silence before a smaller more normal looking man came out, ushering the group inside. He realized they were here to see the mother and lead them through the dim oddly cool interior of the large building, Kartos was curious about the odd change in temperature but no one had any clues as to why it was that way. They passed more rooms with villagers laying around inside, almost as if hibernating. The last room they passed through was a large library that looked extremely old. It rose 3 stories tall and had hundreds, perhaps a thousand books, and felt bone dry and bordered on cold, it seemed quite out of place, but they didn’t have any time to focus on anything inside as they were quickly ushered through and into the council chamber.

The council chamber was a large dim, nearly dark, room with only a few torches on the far walls. Dozens of chairs were lined up on the walls but only 8 were on the floor, each sat in by a villager, all of them semicircle around and towards the Mother, with her adviser standing besides her.
Here things got… awkward. Saber activated Mastery of Small Manners, but for some reason 2 or 3 of the people, including the mother seemed to realize saber had done something, despite it not being obvious to anyone else (including her comrades). At this point there was a brief reprimand by the Mother, who asked if the group felt threatened, saber really didn’t want to say anything but realized it would be rude not to so quietly said no. The mother continued to ask if she didn’t trust them, the people she sought and audience with. Saber said no once again. The mother finally asked her why she used magic. By this time everyone in the room was staring at saber, including her comrades, Saber just told everyone to handle this and she would go outside…so she turned to leave.
At this Lord Traount, Mothers adviser, stepped forward and demanded that Saber stay in the room or else get out of their village. he walked over to the group, close to them and listened as Ghost tried to get saber under control. Lord Traount explained that they are here to talk among each other and the party was welcome to join, but they would be respectful and friendly and trusting, not using magic in their presence. He also pointed out here that many of them can see the magical world, explaining why they knew what she did. There was a bit more small talk, apologies by people and then the conversation continued on.

The party introduced themselves and they explained what they were here for. Traount was happy to have them visting, explaining how much everyone in the town enjoys new people, and listened as the group began to talk about the kidnappers. Traount had a bit of information to give, though he could tell that they were not simply here to ask about general information, it was quite obvious they came to the Mothers Den for a specific reason, otherwise they would have just asked around town.
The group admitted they were here to talk about the corpse the people of Horsh acquired during one of the attacks.
They learned quite a bit in the following conversation. The body was no longer there, the corpse made useless by the investigation techniques used on it. The corpse was spirit marked, the sign of someone who submits to a ruling spirit. It was talked a bit about the possibility of a spirit controlling the people but it was adamantly dismissed by 2 of the villagers as well as one of the party members.
Trogdorina was called forth at this time and gave some more in depth information about the corpse and what they found out. She told them all she could tell about the spirit these people worship from the corpse, that the people and their god are filled with negative emotions and are desperate. They are wracked with fear and guilt, and a deep sense of dread, a horrible sense of conviction. They know what they are doing is wrong, but they feel they have to do it for some reason, not just out of fear of their spirit, but out of a true need.
Here she also revealed that it is unlikely anyone who was taken is alive…the sense of dread and remorse around this corpses essence was terrible.
The group asked about spirits being corrupted by demons, but Trogdorina and Den both agreed that it is far more likely that the spirit isn’t corrupt, it’s just being a spirit. Spirits are not mortals and not normal, they don’t have the same moral compass as humans and are more bound by their nature then concepts such as good and evil.

The last bit of information they got before we quit (due to 2 players having to leave) was the Mother saying that she was positive that the villagers were not within 5 miles of the village, that they “hideout” was not there, nor were they there in person.

Hopefully next session we will get to play a full 3 hour game.

Third Session

We started our third session a bit late as one of the players was unable to log onto hamachi for a while. Our first act of business was answering some questions about XP usage and raising various traits, so i quickly made a page explaining it. XP Use After that we started the actual in game stuff, 30 minutes after 5pm eastern, and we quickly jumped into the game.

We clarified the end of last session, where Saber & Den Utne went around helping heal and diagnose the mercenary villages of Cra. We went over a bit more explanation/reminding of what they found out last session then they had a good nights sleep, woke up the next day and left for Horsh, but only after they got a seal of approval from Krull Visagoth so that they could give it to his contact in Horsh, Trogdorina.

We spent a bit of time once they were outside of the town discussing the possibility of heading somewhere other then Horsh. I drew a map on maptools and they all decided it would be best to just continue to Horsh, because of it being on the road, being the closest & easiest location to get to.

The trip took roughly 1/2 the day, and they spent much of it talking among each other, asking in depth questions about one anthers backgrounds, commenting on Dens old love life, Kartos’s brooding attitude & a toy box Ghost has.

Once they got near Horsh the environment began to change. The land became less foresty & hilly, instead being replaced with swamps, marshes and heavy jungle like trees & bushes. There was also a lot of ruins apparent, nearly everywhere, the remains of old roads, buildings, and winged statues, though few of them had their wings fully intact anymore.

Horsh itself was surrounded by a 15 foot wall and guarded by a old man in leather, leaning up an sleeping against his pike. The man introduced himself as Dravaval and went on to talk with the party about what they were doing here. He was very friendly and glad to have company, he pointed them to the River Rock inn, a inn with a open co-ed nude bath house, when Saber asked for his advice on a place to sleep. They also talked a bit to the old man about his heavy attire in the hot humid air, especially when mixed with his old age. He just mentioned being a tough man, but also that their was a magical spring in the town, something that quite often brought sorcerers to the location. He inquired as to if that’s what brought them here but they stated it was the child kidnappings instead. They all then went inside as the old man playfully told them to behave or else him and his wife would beat them like the youngsters they were, just like they used to in the good old golden days of his youth.

Inside they found the town to be very extravagant, built on lots of well maintained ruins, with hanging gardens, pools and streams of water everywhere, and all sorts of intricately carved decorations, most of it heavily draconic and elemental in nature. The people of the town are all busy and don’t really pay much attention to the players, who just quickly pass through and make their way to the River Rock.

At the inn they meet & are greeted by Innkeeper Danibus, a robust, friendly, wide grinning man of intensely red hued skin. He welcomes them and Den Utne instantly asks for a drink for a nice hot wet day like today, so Danibus gives him a Black Pepper Spiced Horsh Lager, warning him about it being a local favorite. Den tries the stuff anyways and manages to chug it down, claiming his likes it. They joke a bit about the heat, decide who is sleeping where and how much it is, then introduce who they are and what they are doing before asking the innkeeper some questions.

Danibus first talks about the town Horsh itself, how it’s a very old town, known for it’s magic spring, how there are many people here who live a very long time, and how the town as a whole hate spirits. He goes on to explain how annoying and pestering spirits are, how elementals are the only real help…and spirits are just a nuisance. He explains that they keep the spirits out of the town by magic he thinks, one of the councilors being the person who does it.

We then seqwayed into a few joking segments of trying to feed Ghosts eagle peanuts, then giving him some fresh meat instead, once the eagle payed the man with some of Ghosts coin.

They then talked about the Cra village they had came from, Saber got a glass of water, but was denied ice because Danibus didn’t have any, and they learned that Horsh in the past, several hundred years ago, suffered some sort of tragedy that took all of their children away from them, though the innkeeper told them no specifics.

Now was when they started to ask about Krull Visagoth‘s contact, Trogdorina. Turns out she is a councilor of the leader of the village, and is well known among the people as a sort of prime example of what their people used to be like. He mentioned her name in the old tongue, The Blazing Thirsty Sun, at witch they began discussing what the old tongue was, and it turned out it wasn’t old realm as some people thought, but was instead a local and functionally lost dialect.

Here is where we stoped, everyone got 5 xp and we start again 11/30 at 5pm eastern!

Pictures & Macros

I got bored so did a few things.

I gave you pictures on the site under the characters tab to each of your pcs. I tried to give pictures that were a little relevent to your character, but I mostly went out of my way to try and make them inapproprite… :p because I want you to find and put up pictures for your characters yourself. Thanks!

I also added all the charms on your tokens in maptools for your current Charms. I will not be constantly doing this and I will expect you to keep up with adding them yourself. It is very easy, I added a button where you just click it then input the information from the book. So please when you buy new charms add them onto your character, that way we don’t have to wait as people look them up in the books.

Thanks! Hope to see you guys friday!

Second Session

Our second get together started 30 minutes late, as we had to wait on one of the players, but once it got rolling ended up going very quickly.

Much of this session was just a fact finding mission, as they spent the entire time in the Cra Village, most of it talking with the leader, Krull Visagoth.

The very start consisted of the group talking among themselves deciding who would talk to Krull & what all they would be asking about. They didn’t decide on anything specific, but instead just agreed that the mercenaries were probably informed on the local happenings and maybe on the occurrences of the “villager attacks”.

At first Kartos took the lead, asking Krull various questions right up front. Krull sort of laughed and told the man to slow down, kindly asking for a introduction to the party and what they were doing here. They all introduced each other, and it turned out Krull recognized Ghost of Rat’sp because of his work in Corland, he also realized who Kartos was, being able to piece together information from other deeds the man had done with his looks.

After the brief introduction the part went inside the command tent and sat/stood at a table with several maps all over it. Krull pointed out some of the attack locations, and the villages most heavily effected (it being a little more accurate then the map from Merchant Davinor. There was a bit of confusion at this point, as someone mentioned that they had already talked to the villagers and were now looking for better more reliable information from the mercenaries. Krull seemed kinda confused about that, stating that the villages should know a lot more then the people of Cra did, and then it was sorted out that what the party meant was rumors, not actual conversations with the villages.

This brought on talk about the rumors and the likelihood of some of the attacks. Krull seemed to believe that there were only 8 reliable attacks, but pointed out that he had heard of nearly twice that number, many with crazy rumors attached to it that made them almost definitely either not true or at least not attacks by the same people.

The conversation then changed to Krull asking why he should help? He could think of 2 reasons he shouldn’t, that they were not offering to pay him and that the fear and worry of the other villages of the attacks was helping the Cra make money. Saber & Ghost jumped in on this, trying to point out various reasons why the attackers posed a problem to the mercenaries, but for the most part their reasons were disputed. The attackers are known to assault groups of 40 people, even armed, but the Cra number 80, they also sell their services as a group not piecemeal, and the attackers while oddly tough and very crazy have been known to die in the attacks.

At this point Krull started to get somewhat evasive with anymore information, stating his previous reasons as to not sharing more, so the party began negotiations. Den Utne flat out asked how much it would cost, the price varying on weather Krull just gave their information or if the entire village chipped in with what they knew…he also hinted that some specific people in Cra have more personal insight into the attacks. Saber offered her services as a healer, to witch krull was very interested though a bit skeptic, having never heard of the woman, but Ghost vowed for her and her services for the rest of the day and night, as well as Dens who is a lesser but still useful healer, were good enough for any information the mercenaries had.

The stuff Krull then when into was a bit more specific then he had previously, a lot of it being about the attackers tactics, make up, weapons they used and so on. He seemed to give more accurate accounts of what most of the rumors were saying, that they were just normal people/villagers, some used clubs but most used their bare hands, there was no children among them, no one knew who they were or where they came from (though they seemed to have the complexion of most people in The Villages of Strife, and they all seemed very upset. This last part was a bit of a point that was talked about more, questions about magic and such but with everything unnatural seemingly ruled out. There was also a point made that the villagers seemed very tough, not immune to damage just…tough despite wearing no armor. Saber pointed out maybe they were wearing chain-shirts but then Krull questioned how feasible a group of 80 commoners owning chain shirts was. From here the conversation changed to possible suspects.

Krull had no real input on the likely suspects, but he definitely had some annoyances and dislikes of some of the villages. Fortuita, he suspects because of their haughty ruling family and the places obsession with their own female seers and the oddly large number of children in the village. Krakatowna is another suspect, due to them being attacked three times and actively worshiping the spirit of their village as it’s ruler.

One of the party members then changed subject, bringing up that Krull had mentioned some people during the attack, attackers, had been killed. Krull wasn’t positive himself, but he had a very reliable friend in Horsh who had told him that, that man having first hand witnessed the corpse. The group asked further questions about the corpses but Krull had nothing to give them.

Here the group went into a slight tangent among themselves talking about what the attackers could possibly be wanting. Saber suggested to grow their village, or possibly because they can’t have children themselves. Krull added that he thought it could possibly be for sacrifice…having heard that a sacrifice, especially that of a child, has strong magical power. This ended their conversation with Krull and they were escorted around the “village” to the 2 people who had been returning from a short vacation back to the group when their caravan was attacked by the group in question.

Kregior & Johta were there names. Kregior did most of the talking and seemed eager to help but still very upset from what happened. He explained in detail how the people came running down the vally walls when the traveling caravan him and his wife were in was in a valley. How the leader of the caravan went out to meet and talk with them but was just attacked. He said how the attackers used nonlethal means, but broke lots of bones and in general tried to knock out and tie up their targets. Johta popped up here, saying how she stabbed one of the men several times in the chest, and he seemed to be wounded but not slowed down, breaking her nose and then him and several others proceeding to beat her unconscious.

They both pointed out here that the attackers seemed to move…oddly, almost as if organized, but not. They said how they moved in a wave, as if crashing over everything, reacting to things much quicker then normal untrained people would, but not having the same restraint or careful approach actual trained men would have. Kregior and Johta both also said that the people looked upset/terrified themselves. Some of them were screaming, others looked dead quiet or in a trance, all had dark dark eyes and malnourished bodies, but not magically so. Den Utne considered the possible magical reasons for such a thing, but despite thinking of several different possibility’s decided that none of them fit.

The last bit of the session was spent with the group deciding where to set up and sleep in the village, as well as Saber & Den Utne saying that they would go around helping people, but decided not to use any motes to help them in the process.

It was a fun session and I think we played around 3 or 3 1/2 hours. Everyone got 4xp and we are set to meet next Friday!

First Session

Our first session started off with us getting used to maptools, setting up tokens, putting the basic macros on it, just normal stuff. We eventually started playing about a hour or so in.

First everyone introduced their characters looks and concept & then went about deciding on how they knew each other. It was decided that Kartos & Den Utne have worked together in the past because of Dens history as a slave. Ghost of Rat’sp helped Kartos deal with some child slavers & a few other small various things having to do with bringing bad men to justice. Saber has been hanging around Corland and because of their ridiculous amount of medical attention needed ended up getting to know Ghost some.

In order to speed things up we started off with the group already being on a “mission”. This is the only time I will really force a story/quest/mission on the players but it helps when starting.

They started at a inn in Baylenor meeting with a Merchant named Davinor. The merchant was using the funds he has from his business going about trying to get people to come together and find out and solve the problem behind several rumors. The rumors consisted of about a dozen sightings of “regular people” assaulting scavengers, bandits, caravans, anything they come across on the road, knocking out and disabling the people and then kidnapping the children under puberty. The merchant also lost his grandchildren to these people and is grief stricken because of it.

The group decided they would investigate the occurrences, asking about where the effected villages were as well as all the known locations of where the assaults happened. The merchant pointed out that there was another group of people here, guards from a locale village, and that in a few days he expected even more people to show up and they could help…but the group decided they were just going to go off and do things by themselves. The merchant also pointed out that not all of these rumors are true, some seem very likely to be over exaggerations or even flat out lies.

They got a map from the merchant, learning about the 6 local villages that were in the 20 mile area where most of assaults happened. Using that information they decided to head west towards the Cra, a group of nomad mercenaries who were protecting the road between Baylenor & Horsh. The merchant said he would be at Baylenor for at least another week and they could/should come back and tell him anything they find out, as well as possibly team up with other people who come to help. They then went off on the road.

We ended the session as they entered the Cra village and went up to Krull, a well dressed man with dark skin and many scars, fine weapons and obviously the authority of the mercenaries.

Everyone got 4xp and we ended the session after 3 hours of play. It was a good session and despite a few problems we had no real issues! Thanks everyone for showing up!

Still On Time

Our first session will be Friday November the 9th at 5pm eastern till either 7 or 8pm eastern.

Characters are made and i have reviewed everyone’s sheet. I will go over a final revisal tomorrow. Please get me any changes by then.

Background stories for the bonus 3xp will also be required to be done by tomorrow. You can still do them past tomorrow of course, but you wont get the xp bonus.

Please try to find the time today tomorrow or friday before we play to connect to hamachi and maptools to make sure it works. I should be around any time tonight after 9pm, and the other days any time after 1pm.

As always if you have any questions or comments please contact me directly.


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