The Blazing Thirsty Sun


Name-Trogdorina, The Blazing Thirsty Sun
Organization-Horsh Leader Counciler
Relation-Contact of Krull Visagoth, Information Giver
Attitude-Inquisitive, Progressive, Adventurous, Mage

Trogdorina is somewhat of an idol in Horsh. She is young, for the villagers who possess old lineage. At the age of 75 she looks 20. She is a practitioner of various magics, thaumertergy, sorcery & some more esoteric practices. Trogdorina has lead a life of study and adventuring, almost nothing was ever denied her curiosity but as she has grown in age she has become more strong willed and has started to stray from the traditional rules and taboos of Horsh. While everyone still views her as the towns pride and joy, she is viewed as somewhat dangerous and potentially a hazard…why though is only whispered in quiet. To outsiders Trogdorina is inquisitive, helpful, & somewhat elusive on various subject matters, but is willing to give far more direct information then most others in the village.


The players met Trogdorina in Mothers Den, in Horsh. She was the contact of Krull Visagoth and they were hoping to find out some information about a suposive corpse of the kidnappers. She turned out to know quite a bit from the corpse, including that the people were servents of a powerful spirit, & that they were magicaly impowered. She also told them about the intense mental strife and suffering that these people were going through.

Their conversation with Trogdorina centered around the investigation into the corpse, asking her many questions about spirits as well. She told them what all she could, being quite well versed in spiritual and magical matters.

She also told the group about the Rotten Path, a road between Horsh and Hominy that is oddly effected by time and ruled by a very old and powerful but crazed elemental.


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