Mother Bradiche & Lord Traount


Name-Mother Bradiche & Lord Traount
Organization-Leader & Advisor of Horsh
Relation-Information Giver, Supplier
Attitude-Forward, Quiet, Tired, Helpful

Mother Bradiche Has been the leader of Horsh for as far back as anyone can remember, most people claiming she is at least 300 years old. The Mother is a quiet woman usually, she sits and listens during the community meetings, and she lets Lord Traount speak in her place most of the time. However occasionally when she deems it important she will speak up, and her ability to sense the spiritual world surpasses that of any mortal, included such people as the dragonblooded. She is a kind old woman at heart, someone who feels the wounds of her people and creation around her as only someone with her spiritual empathetic powers can.

Lord Traount is the adviser and mate of Mother Bradiche. Though he looks to be more healthy and younger then the mother, he is also at least 300 years old…though anyone who is around long enough can see that he is referred to almost jokingly as the Mothers younger man. Traount is the practical leader of the village, because of the mothers quiet speech and her age he casts the deciding vote, deals with things no one else has the authority can, and is respected as the ruler of Horsh. Traount is a fair man though, a practical man, and a caring man. He loves all the people of the village, especially the Mother, and while he feels empathy for those outside of the village it is hardly the strength of love that he has for those in the village.


The party met Mother Bradiche & Lord Traount in Horsh, when they visted the Mothers Den, looking for Trogdorina. They came seeking information about what the villagers might know of the people kidnapping children. Lord Traount helped them as much as he could, sharing what they had learned about the corpse they got during one of the attacks, explaining that the man was supernatural in his toughness and that he had a mark on his back that symbolized being magically touched upon by a spirit he worshiped. Traount also offered any assistance they could give, including supply’s. Mother Bradiche gave them a very specific statement that the kidnappers were not within 5 miles of the village. She explained very loosely about being in tune with nature and that she would be able to sense if they were here. She couldn’t tell where they were though.

Mother Bradiche & Lord Traount

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