Merchant Davinor

Honest Activist Merchant


Name-Thorm Davinor
Organization-None, Unknown
Relation-Seeking Help, Quest & Information Giver
Attitude-Honest, Depressed, Worried, Activist

Thorms life has been one of work but reward as well. Born into a fairly wealthy family he used his share of his inheritance to continue the family line of work but in his own venture, straying away from clothing & jewelry to more generic trade goods of all types. This proved to be extremely lucrative but also require more work. Over the years his family grew, he married, had children, his children had children, and his parents died. He now finds himself as the leader of the family, though it is a very independent family, each group doing their own thing but always meeting up with one another to spend time together. Less then a year ago on a business trip on the road his caravan was attacked & his 2 grandchildren who he was looking after were taken. Since then he has fallen into a depression & his business has suffered. Most of his remaining funds have been spent trying to gather up people to help stop these odd reports of villagers attacking travelers and stealing their children.


The party met Thorm at the start of their adventures. He was in Baylenor and trying spreading the word that he was trying to start up a investigation into the rumors of villagers attacking travelers and stealing their children. He was obviously upset but a moderately wealthy man, he offered to give the party anything he could if they found his grandchildren, but also wanted them there to investigate the whole issue not just find his family members.

He told them how the attacks had been happening in a roughly 20 mile area to the west, gave them 12 different locations that were reported, probably half of witch are reliable leads, and told them as much information as he knew about the 6 villages that are around that area. He also had a group of guards from a local village there, and was waiting for more people to show up, but the party decided that they would go about doing the investigation on their own and left shortly after he told them to come back when they could because he will be in Baylenor for around another week or so and will hopefully have more help show up over the next few days.

Merchant Davinor

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