Innkeeper Danibus

Fiery Flamboyant Excited Bartender


Organization-Horsh Business Owner
Relation-Innkeeper of The River Rock, Information Giver
Attitude-Giving, Curious, Friendly, Helpful, Slightly Nutty

Danibus likes to talk, a lot. He likes to entertain and interact with things. He is insufferably curious and tends to stick his nose, hands and mouth in places he has no right to and would probably be better off if he didn’t. But none of this stops him. He is one of the older people in Horsh, claiming to be over 100 years old, though he looks in his mid to late 30s. He is a robust man, with tan skin that is slightly reddish in hue, especially around his lips and eyes. Another striking feature of him is his smile, a big toothy thing that seems to nearly split his face in half. Danibus is always up for talking and interacting with people, especially strangers, travelers and anything new. He shares the common Horsh hate of spirits.


The party met Danibus inside Horsh at River Rock, the inn he owns. River Rock itself is named so because of a large open air bath house it supports, where the locals are usually naked, it is also unisex. Danibus first introduced himself by welcoming the players and responding to Den Utne‘s request for a good drink for a hot day. The innkeeper warned him about it being a local delicacy but then offered him a drink that tasted extremely spicy and filled with alcohol. They spoke a bit more joking about the beer and heat. The party inquired about a lot of different information from Danibus, some about the villager attacks and some about the locals, as well as about Krull Visagoth’s contact that lives in Horsh, Trogdorina. After giving them what information he know about her they talked a bit about the towns hate of spirits and then they had a fun little exchange of giving various foods to the players pets. They learned that the people of Horsh hundreds of years ago had all of their children taken away and destroyed in some terrible act that he wouldn’t go into detail about. Finally their ended their conversation with a bit more talk about Trogdorina, learning her full title & discussing it’s odd language, witch turned out to be a local “old” language.

Innkeeper Danibus

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