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Third Session

We started our third session a bit late as one of the players was unable to log onto hamachi for a while. Our first act of business was answering some questions about XP usage and raising various traits, so i quickly made a page explaining it. XP Use After that we started the actual in game stuff, 30 minutes after 5pm eastern, and we quickly jumped into the game.

We clarified the end of last session, where Saber & Den Utne went around helping heal and diagnose the mercenary villages of Cra. We went over a bit more explanation/reminding of what they found out last session then they had a good nights sleep, woke up the next day and left for Horsh, but only after they got a seal of approval from Krull Visagoth so that they could give it to his contact in Horsh, Trogdorina.

We spent a bit of time once they were outside of the town discussing the possibility of heading somewhere other then Horsh. I drew a map on maptools and they all decided it would be best to just continue to Horsh, because of it being on the road, being the closest & easiest location to get to.

The trip took roughly 1/2 the day, and they spent much of it talking among each other, asking in depth questions about one anthers backgrounds, commenting on Dens old love life, Kartos’s brooding attitude & a toy box Ghost has.

Once they got near Horsh the environment began to change. The land became less foresty & hilly, instead being replaced with swamps, marshes and heavy jungle like trees & bushes. There was also a lot of ruins apparent, nearly everywhere, the remains of old roads, buildings, and winged statues, though few of them had their wings fully intact anymore.

Horsh itself was surrounded by a 15 foot wall and guarded by a old man in leather, leaning up an sleeping against his pike. The man introduced himself as Dravaval and went on to talk with the party about what they were doing here. He was very friendly and glad to have company, he pointed them to the River Rock inn, a inn with a open co-ed nude bath house, when Saber asked for his advice on a place to sleep. They also talked a bit to the old man about his heavy attire in the hot humid air, especially when mixed with his old age. He just mentioned being a tough man, but also that their was a magical spring in the town, something that quite often brought sorcerers to the location. He inquired as to if that’s what brought them here but they stated it was the child kidnappings instead. They all then went inside as the old man playfully told them to behave or else him and his wife would beat them like the youngsters they were, just like they used to in the good old golden days of his youth.

Inside they found the town to be very extravagant, built on lots of well maintained ruins, with hanging gardens, pools and streams of water everywhere, and all sorts of intricately carved decorations, most of it heavily draconic and elemental in nature. The people of the town are all busy and don’t really pay much attention to the players, who just quickly pass through and make their way to the River Rock.

At the inn they meet & are greeted by Innkeeper Danibus, a robust, friendly, wide grinning man of intensely red hued skin. He welcomes them and Den Utne instantly asks for a drink for a nice hot wet day like today, so Danibus gives him a Black Pepper Spiced Horsh Lager, warning him about it being a local favorite. Den tries the stuff anyways and manages to chug it down, claiming his likes it. They joke a bit about the heat, decide who is sleeping where and how much it is, then introduce who they are and what they are doing before asking the innkeeper some questions.

Danibus first talks about the town Horsh itself, how it’s a very old town, known for it’s magic spring, how there are many people here who live a very long time, and how the town as a whole hate spirits. He goes on to explain how annoying and pestering spirits are, how elementals are the only real help…and spirits are just a nuisance. He explains that they keep the spirits out of the town by magic he thinks, one of the councilors being the person who does it.

We then seqwayed into a few joking segments of trying to feed Ghosts eagle peanuts, then giving him some fresh meat instead, once the eagle payed the man with some of Ghosts coin.

They then talked about the Cra village they had came from, Saber got a glass of water, but was denied ice because Danibus didn’t have any, and they learned that Horsh in the past, several hundred years ago, suffered some sort of tragedy that took all of their children away from them, though the innkeeper told them no specifics.

Now was when they started to ask about Krull Visagoth‘s contact, Trogdorina. Turns out she is a councilor of the leader of the village, and is well known among the people as a sort of prime example of what their people used to be like. He mentioned her name in the old tongue, The Blazing Thirsty Sun, at witch they began discussing what the old tongue was, and it turned out it wasn’t old realm as some people thought, but was instead a local and functionally lost dialect.

Here is where we stoped, everyone got 5 xp and we start again 11/30 at 5pm eastern!



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