Exalted, You Just Want Me Because Of My Essence...

Sixth Session

Have tried to do this 3 times, getting half way through it and it bugging out and me losing everything, so here is a super summery.

Left Horsh going to Hominy.
Took 2 days, arrived at Hominy early afternoon.
Talked to a caravan on the way there right outside of the town, they had no reliable information.
Caravan said Hominy was suspcious of & not friendly to strangers.
When entering Hominy find it not friendly to strangers.
Party splits up and wanders around a bit.
Town seems very poor, very backwater, very unfriendly to strangers.
Townspeople seem to be hiding something, but it seems non dangerous/important.
Can find no signs of anything suspcious in town.
People are unhelpful and just want the party to leave.
No reason found to stay, they leave for Fortuita
On the way to Fortuita when at the crossroads they take a break
Kartos angers up a pack of baby tyrant lizards
The momma tyrant lizard begins chasing him as he runs back to camp…
saber and ghost make their way towards him…

If I can get the heart to I will eventually try to do this like the previous updates…losing it 3 times is pissing me off though.



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