Exalted, You Just Want Me Because Of My Essence...

Pictures & Macros

I got bored so did a few things.

I gave you pictures on the site under the characters tab to each of your pcs. I tried to give pictures that were a little relevent to your character, but I mostly went out of my way to try and make them inapproprite… :p because I want you to find and put up pictures for your characters yourself. Thanks!

I also added all the charms on your tokens in maptools for your current Charms. I will not be constantly doing this and I will expect you to keep up with adding them yourself. It is very easy, I added a button where you just click it then input the information from the book. So please when you buy new charms add them onto your character, that way we don’t have to wait as people look them up in the books.

Thanks! Hope to see you guys friday!



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