Exalted, You Just Want Me Because Of My Essence...

New XP Rules

Some new xp rules I am going to implement, especially since I have already started punishing people with small xp penalties and our new player joining begins with less then everyone else.

  • Not showing up for a session nets you full xp-1 for that session
  • People who show up for a session that is then canceled because of too many no shows get 1xp
  • Failure to do a requested task “before next week” results in a 2xp penalty
  • Providing extra work for your characters, backgrounds, story ideas, handouts will net you a 1xp reward as I see fit

I really don’t think I will apply many more xp modifiers then these, and In general I do not plan on the players getting far apart from one another, as these are all minor things and will only add up to major differences in the case of constant problems from someone. If you find yourself 10xp or more different from another player then you should consider if you are really committing to the game.



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