Exalted, You Just Want Me Because Of My Essence...

First Session

Our first session started off with us getting used to maptools, setting up tokens, putting the basic macros on it, just normal stuff. We eventually started playing about a hour or so in.

First everyone introduced their characters looks and concept & then went about deciding on how they knew each other. It was decided that Kartos & Den Utne have worked together in the past because of Dens history as a slave. Ghost of Rat’sp helped Kartos deal with some child slavers & a few other small various things having to do with bringing bad men to justice. Saber has been hanging around Corland and because of their ridiculous amount of medical attention needed ended up getting to know Ghost some.

In order to speed things up we started off with the group already being on a “mission”. This is the only time I will really force a story/quest/mission on the players but it helps when starting.

They started at a inn in Baylenor meeting with a Merchant named Davinor. The merchant was using the funds he has from his business going about trying to get people to come together and find out and solve the problem behind several rumors. The rumors consisted of about a dozen sightings of “regular people” assaulting scavengers, bandits, caravans, anything they come across on the road, knocking out and disabling the people and then kidnapping the children under puberty. The merchant also lost his grandchildren to these people and is grief stricken because of it.

The group decided they would investigate the occurrences, asking about where the effected villages were as well as all the known locations of where the assaults happened. The merchant pointed out that there was another group of people here, guards from a locale village, and that in a few days he expected even more people to show up and they could help…but the group decided they were just going to go off and do things by themselves. The merchant also pointed out that not all of these rumors are true, some seem very likely to be over exaggerations or even flat out lies.

They got a map from the merchant, learning about the 6 local villages that were in the 20 mile area where most of assaults happened. Using that information they decided to head west towards the Cra, a group of nomad mercenaries who were protecting the road between Baylenor & Horsh. The merchant said he would be at Baylenor for at least another week and they could/should come back and tell him anything they find out, as well as possibly team up with other people who come to help. They then went off on the road.

We ended the session as they entered the Cra village and went up to Krull, a well dressed man with dark skin and many scars, fine weapons and obviously the authority of the mercenaries.

Everyone got 4xp and we ended the session after 3 hours of play. It was a good session and despite a few problems we had no real issues! Thanks everyone for showing up!



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