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Fifth Session

Our fifth session started off with a wait on some of the other players as usual. We waited 30 minutes and then started, after a brief summery of last session.

The group continued their conversation with Mother Bradiche and Lord Traount, asking questions about what they know. They were especially curious about Mother Bradiches ability to sense the groups presence, in particular because she claimed that she could tell they were not within 5 miles of Horsh. She didn’t seem like she was going to go into more depth about it, so the party used it for the useful information it was.
The conversation then quickly changed to where they would be going. The group collectively agreed that Hominy to the west seemed like a good idea, especially since it would leave the last 2 known locations for villages in a direct line to the north.
There was some further conversation on what the kidnappers could possibly be doing, but no new information was gained, despite the people of Horsh being very open with all the information they knew, including the descriptions of the 2 young men and a young woman who lived in Horsh and were taken.
There was a little conversation about people keeping secrets and rights to their own privacy, but the conversation stayed away from anything accusatory on both sides and was polite overall.
It was then that Trogdorina mentioned a shortcut they might be able to take. A dangerous path in the woods, but a nearly direct line from Horsh to Hominy. The problem with it being that it is and old ancient roadway ruled by a now crazed Elemental, it and it’s fellow spirits and elementals being extremely hostile and dangerous. Due to the nature of the land around the creature time flowed funny, and they would be able to get to their destination in less then a day, instead of nearly 2. There was even a suggestion that they might “arrive before they left”. The group seemed pretty split on this idea, with Kartos bench sitting, saber being against it, but Ghost & Den being for it. However after a long in depth conversation the group decided despite the experience they could gain dealing with spirits, the risk simply wasn’t worth cutting off a day or 2 of what had been a so far casually paced journey.
Finally there was a short aggressive conversation between Saber & Trogdorina, that equated to one calling the other a coward, and that one rebutting by insulting the intelligence and experience of the other.

Here they made a quick exit of the Mothers Den, getting some supply’s for their trip, passing by the River Rock & its owner Innkeeper Danibus and his quirky attitude and conversations. Den got some more of the special hot spiced liquor to bring on the trip.
They decided to rest the night and start off towards Hominy the next morning. During the evening each of the players went about doing their own thing. Saber & Ghost sparred a bit in the inn, Ghost accidentally punching Saber in the face strong enough to draw blood, and her responding with a solid groin kick.
Den Utne Hung around outside Mothers Den watching and talking with random villagers. The people were friendly to him but he noticed more and more the oddities in the village. The people were all friendly but the descendants of the original villagers, those people who could trace their lineage back hundreds of years to the natives, all seemed very distinct with oddly tinged skin, largely proportioned bodies, and weird colored and shaped eyes.
Kartos spent several hours walking around town looking in various shops and chatting with people. He noticed that the locals seem to live off of the plants they grow in town, and that they make a lot of profit selling little statues and trinkets to visitors of the village. Through his observant investigations he also noticed that the locals are avid worshipers of Elementals. Mirroring their worship is their intense and out of place hatred of spirits. These things were both far more common in shops ran by the Descendants in the village, where as the people who were only a few generations in Horsh were all in all “normal” people. Kartos came to the conclusion that the original natives must have some elemental blood in their lineage.
We then went back to them sleeping for the night, after a brief bit of flirting form Saber to Kartos and Den.
Their night was filled with the same dream for all. In the dream they saw giant reptiles, dinosaurs, running around in the jungle, chasing and waring with unseen things. The dinosaurs were breathing the elements, fire, lightning, ice, and they were also using first age magitech, implosion bows, energy whips and some were even encased in partial power armor.
They woke up, had a nice breakfast in the commons area of the inn, had a conversation with Danibus in witch he said he would miss them and also commented on the boring normal stuff he’s heard about Hominy.
Den Utne was particularly friendly with Danibus and promised to bring him back stories of glory and adventure…the innkeeper being silly and twisting words turned this into a promise from Den to bring him back the ear of a great adventurer, to witch Saber promised the man she would bring back Dens for him! And with this they set off onto the road to Hominy.

On the road the group shared some of their past with one another. Den talking more about his lost love Teela, Saber talking about a interesting mechanical toy soldier she found in a run, Kartos spends no time talking about his past or himself just singing songs like a bard of various lands (ghost wasn’t in the session).
Den asked about favorite colors, Saber saying Scarlet Red, Kartos saying the pitch black of night, Dens was purple. They then had a short conversation about the meaning of various colors.
Next topic was if Saber liked women, to witch she seemed to suggest she was without actually saying she was (And I had a bit of a fit saying there is no way she can be a cliche lesbian played by a guy). Den continued to push the subject to a degree that bordered on NWS in his descriptions.
Kartos changed the subject bringing up in question “what we are”, meaning solars. Den said he was gifted with abilities and skills beyond the average, an artist of infinite delicate skill and a keen mind, he also said that Kartos was a martial expert without peer and Saber was a hotty. Kartos found this quite funny in his normal quiet way. Kartos explained very pragmatically that while his skill with the bow was good and his eyesight sharp he defiantly was not above his peers in skill.
Here Den, using a charm enhancing magical sight, noticed the forest to the south of their travel…the forest where the Rotten Path lay. It seemed to radiate a small amount of magic, and he could tell it would be stronger inside…nothing else came of it
The discussion turned to the people of the town, and they all shared what they thought of the villagers coming to the conclusion that there was defiantly more to research and find out in the town…They discussed the possible reasons for it. Sighting maybe old mingling with elementals, or the magical waters.

Here is where we stopped. It was a good fun session with a lot of joking, character development and inter-party interaction.

PS. Sorry for the late post of this.



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